An A to Z of me

This challenge blog will remain available indefinitely. The linky tool is now closed and the comments box removed. However if you wish to share your work the Facebook group is still open.

Friday 1 February 2013

And so we begin

Have you decided how you are going to take part yet?  Whether it's just reading the prompts or making an art journal or scrapbooking or whatever your creative take is, I am so pleased to welcome you to 28 days of fun.

I thought today I would share a couple of journals I have made before about me.  Each was from a class that I took -  one real life workshop and one online.

I did ABC of Me with Anneliese Bates from Creative Journey Workshops

We made this book in an A5 journal with cartridge paper pages.  Each letter of the alphabet had a page and after we had inked or painted the backgrounds we stamped, collaged and journaled on all the things we could think of to do with that letter.

The second journal I made was Me in my Moleskine with Kirsty Wiseman.  

She provided us with prompts to cut up and stick in and suggestions for how the page should look ~ which I usually ignored!

Before I started the book I stuck 2 pages together around 3 sides to form a pocket and then did the journaling on a matching tag.

As you can see in all these photos I do tend to go for a colour scheme through a journal like this.

What will you do this month?  Choose a colour scheme or just go with whatever colour turns up in your hand?

I have decided to use an A4 journal to do an A to Z of Me this time.

I'm not going to do the cover until the end when I see how the inside pages are.  However if you are keen to do something creative today why not make the cover to your journal or notebook.

And remember there are no rules in art journaling.  Whatever YOU do is right for you in your journal.  Do not compare your work with mine or anyone else's.  My only rule for An A to Z of Me is:

Have fun!

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for the start of our February Adventure.