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This challenge blog will remain available indefinitely. The linky tool is now closed and the comments box removed. However if you wish to share your work the Facebook group is still open.

Thursday 31 January 2013

Starting tomorrow

Welcome to all those who are following the blog.  I would recommend that even if you only do it for February that you follow the blog through Google Reader, an RSS feed or whatever way you choose to follow blogs.   You can also scroll to the bottom of this blog and find where you can sign up for emails.  On a few days there are going to be two posts as I have decided to make the Guest Posts separate and may not always be able to link the challenge post to the guest post.

You might also want to follow NewlyCreative through February too where I am hoping to be posting my journal each day.  However I currently have a family illness to deal with and may not get my journal pages posted every day.

Blog linky
If you would like to put a blog linky (I'm sure it has a proper name) on your blog, please download this image by right clicking on it:

Technique Challenges
Each day has a technique to use on your page.  If this doesn't stretch you enough or you don't have the products to be able to try the technique then please use any other technique(s) you know already.

Quotes and Bible Verses
Each day there is a quote or a Bible verse for you to use on your page if you wish.   If you want to be able to print them out in one go rather than each day then you can download them here:
Quotes in varying fonts                    Quotes in only one font
Verses in varying fonts                     Verses in only one font

I am so looking forward to sharing this project with you.
See you tomorrow.